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Landessammlungen Niederösterreich LogoFor its exhibitions, Museum Niederösterreich can draw on approximately six million museum pieces from the Lower Austrian Regional Collections. These constitute the province’s largest mobile asset, representing the cultural memory of the province and its inhabitants, and ensures that Lower Austria’s cultural and natural heritage is preserved for future generations.
As the material legacy of Lower Austria and its people, the pieces are conserved and cataloged by the Regional Collections for research and educational purposes, and presented in the many exhibition spaces and museums in Lower Austria.

The Lower Austrian Regional Collections are closely tied to the more than hundred-year-old history of Museum Niederösterreich. You can follow the path from regional museum to Museum Niederösterreich in the Chronicles. From this museum, which was managed by the government of Lower Austria until 1999, the Lower Austrian regional collections emerged and their scope, focus and numerous museum objects reflect the changeful history of this museum. Today, the Lower Austrian Regional Collections document the historical and social development of Lower Austria based on four main collection categories:

  • Nature
  • Archaeology
  • Cultural History
  • Art

The collections have grown steadily over time, with pieces added through donations, acquisitions, archaeological excavation and bequeathments and on 1 April 2014 an important cultural policy was declared in a decision concerning the collecting strategy: the large regional collection stocks should, in future, be made more available to the general public. This goal will now be achieved with the Lower Austria House of History. Many of the collection’s treasures that, to date, have remained hidden in depots or only rarely ever shown will be presented to the interested public for the first time.


Lower Austria, head of the Culture, Science and Education group and head of the Lower Austria Provincial Government’s Department of Art and Culture

Unit Manager Lower Austria Collections, Lower Austria Provincial Government Department of Art and Culture and head of the Center for Museum Collections Management at Danube University Krems

Scientific Staff


Restoration and Conservation

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