The museum’s architecture, as a modern, multimedia discovery venue, sets new standards in the Austrian museum landscape. It is the first museum to merge – in an entirely innovative way – nature and history, weaving the two into one rich tapestry. The renowned architect Hans Hollein succeeded in the aim to combine different fields of knowledge into an exciting, informative whole in his first museum project in Austria.

More space, more service in Museum Niederösterreich.

The second phase of the museum’s expansion was planned by a young team of architects from Vienna, RATAPLAN, who carried out the construction projects carefully in keeping with Hans Hollein’s architectural vision. Additional amenities such as an elevator from the underground parking facility and a food and drink court with a glass pavilion for the warm season were added. The space between the “Festspielhaus” and Museum Niederösterreich and a new area for the history of the province were designed and developed.

The Regional Museum becomes Museum Niederösterreich

As of September 2017, not only the nature but the history of our province will be on permanent as well as changing display, too. This involves major restructuring, which will begin in August 2016.

The art section closed in July 2016 at what was formerly known as the Regional Museum. The Lower Austrian collection will be on display at the new Landesgalerie Niederösterreich in the autumn of 2018. 

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