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You think you’re looking at ordinary nature photographs? Don’t let appearances fool you! Because the animals displayed in this exciting special exhibition are made of tin!

A snake coils in the sand, an elephant lumbers over a tree trunk, a colorful beetle nibbles on a leaf – ordinary nature photographs, one would think, like those we have often taken ourselves. But seeing doesn’t mean believing, because the animals we observe here in their “natural” environments are made of tin.

The two photographers and exhibition designers from Berlin, Sebastian Köpcke and Volker Weinhold, are united not only by profession but by a common passion: they collect mechanical tin toys produced between 1900 and 1970. This passion inspired an exhibition that, on the one hand, shows a selection of their collector‘s items from around the world and on the other hand, large-format photographs depicting these animals in specially designed scenarios emulating the natural habitats of their real-life models.

Curators: Sebastian Köpcke and Volker Weinhold

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